Our Inclusion Policy

Mount Pleasant Nursery School strives to accommodate children regardless of physical, intellectual, emotional, linguistic or other conditions in a facility that promotes learning together for the mutual benefit of all. Although there are physical limitations to our building that make us wheel chair inaccessible, most children can be accommodated. We believe that children learn best when learning occurs within the context of the child’s natural environments of the home, school, and community. Children should have the opportunity to be active participants within these environments, so that they develop and extend their potential and participate as equal members of society.

Our early childhood educators have talents and resources to meet the challenge of inclusion. Our teachers receive training in strategies for inclusion and support all learners so that a full range of learning needs can be met. We recognize and respect the differences among all learners. We work as one of the team members within a framework of collaboration whereby the different support providers (parents, teachers, and community resource persons) plan and work together to address needs and challenges in a comprehensive way.

Together the team evaluates programs, diagnoses their effectiveness, and suggests modifications. Parents are given the opportunity to participate in the childcare program. Participation can include visiting their children, attending parent meetings, being part of team meetings held to address issues, and helping during special events. As a team, we work toward the goal of providing a just and non-discriminatory society that encourages people to live and learn together. We support one another, celebrate our diversity, and as a result, we grow and develop into full and healthy human beings.